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Shared-care agreements

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Dear Finch Hill Patients 

We have been receiving a large number of requests to enter into shared-care agreements or take over prescribing medications initiated in private clinics. 

This is causing us a huge problem, both in terms of additional unfunded workload and from a medico-legal aspect, as we have no established relationship with private providers or specialist knowledge to ensure safe prescribing or monitoring of specialist medication.

Finch Hill is contracted by Manx Care to provide Primary Care Services, which are freely available on the NHS only. Whilst we understand and sympathise with patients’ desire to seek private opinions, due to long NHS waiting times or lack of specialist services on the island, this does not alter our own responsibilities.

We will continue to support you to the best of our ability within the terms of our contract with Manx Care and with our established relationships with Nobles Hospital and NHS tertiary care providers in the UK, however, we are under no obligation to take over prescribing of medication initiated by private health care companies or continue with any health monitoring they require.

Many thanks for your understanding and help in this matter.

Dr Helen Freer MBCHB

GP Partner

Finch Hill Health Centre.