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COVID-19 Updates

Posted by: Mark - Posted on:

You will by now have heard the measures that the Government has announced to protect us all from coronavirus.  Without immediate changes to our way of life, Nobles Hospital will likely be overun with the sick and the dying within a matter of weeks.  Probable death toll is still being calculated, but provisional estimates are higher than we anticipated.

Children are unlikely to become seriously unwell with the coronavirus.  However, during the peak of infections it is possible that we will have no ability to send them off island for treatment in an emergency.  The only sure measure is for them to avoid infection.  Elderly people and those with other health problems are more likely to die from coronavirus.  However, young, healthy people have also died from the infection.

Please follow the government advice on  If you have any sort of cough or temperature, even a very mild one, your whole household must self-isolate for 14 days.  Call 111 for advice.  If you arrive on the island, you must isolate yourself for 14 days.

Anyone not following these rules is likely to be arrested and prosecuted.

Even if you are well, you must take social distancing very seriously.  Do not visit your friends and relatives.  Don’t go where people are likely to gather.  Remain in your homes and gardens as much as possible, unless you need to go out for essential supplies.

You must wash your hands regularly, or use hand sanitizer gel.  Wipe down surfaces regularly.  This will kill coronavirus and is a proven way to keep yourself safe.

If we work together as a community we will keep our island safe.